About Us

Jenshri India Pvt. Ltd. is a reputable company dealing in a vast and diversified product range. We have been in the business of electronics, components, parts and accessories four decades. The company offers a wide portfolio of products at excellent prices with consistent stock levels, making it the most reliable distribution partner for your business. We are equipped to partner with our customers and offer excellent distribution services throughout India.

The company was established in 1978. Since then the company is going strong year on year. The success behind it is the channel focused sales team delivering the customers a personalized service. They also are equipped to partner with their customers to ensure their customer’s satisfaction and profitability.

The company offers flexibility, expertise and infrastructure to handle one-off projects, implement bespoke solutions and work within restricted budgets and timeframes. This means no matter what your requirements are or no matter how varied they are, they can always be met.

The company has a strong history behind it and is managed by experienced people with a long term history in Indian markets bringing a lot of wealth of trading knowledge and experience.

Mr. Parveen Jain is the Managing Director of the Company. Mr. Jain has a long term experience in sales & engineering. He brings along a 35-year-plus experience in the organisation where he has been distributing products into retail channels directly or via third party agencies.

The Founder and the President of the Company is Mr. Jagdish Jain who has a long business background and brings along his 50 years trading experience. He is well-known within the Multiple Wholesaler sector, Parliamentarians, CREMA and is also involved with a number of charity organisations.